Scalable web crawling and scraping.

Available on-premises or in the cloud.

Isoxya is an extensible data processing system for crawling and scraping the internet. It is written in a compiled, statically typed language for speed and reliability. Isoxya is free, open-source, and packaged as a container. The API can be used by CLI scripts or called by another project. Various plugins are available, many also open-source.

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Isoxya Pro adds high availability, error recovery, and horizontal scaling. It is available on-premises for installation on Kubernetes, or in the cloud via SaaS subscription. Isoxya Pro is available via commercial licence. The API is able to scale crawlers, processors, and streamers. Support or custom development is available from Isoxya's creator.

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  Isoxya Isoxya Pro
Intended audience Home · Hobbyist · R&D Business · Agency
CLI scripts
Extensible via plugins
Web crawls
External database ❌  SQLite ✅  PostgreSQL
Cache ✅  Redis
Message broker ✅  RabbitMQ
Orchestrator ✅  Kubernetes
High availability
Error recovery
Horizontal scaling
Concurrent crawls ❌   ✅  
Custom user agents
Custom rate limits
Robots.txt compliance
Cancellable crawls
Limitable max pages
Limitable max depth
External links validation
List crawls
Resource management
Scalable crawlers
Scalable processors
Scalable streamers
Support Community Email
Licence BSD-3-Clause Commercial
Price Free Custom
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